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5 Tips To Optimize Your Mobile Site Before April 21st
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There is no better time for website managers to begin (or continue, hopefully) developing a mobile-friendly version of their site. According to a report in the Economist, half of the adult population owns a smartphone, and this will increase to 80 percent in only five years, with these individuals gaining much of their information from the devices at their fingertips.

Additionally, as declared by Google itself, come April 21st the mobile-friendliness of a site will be used as a ranking signal in search indexes. Eric Enge, CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, asserts that sites with excellent content won’t be bumped indiscriminately, but admits this new system may shake up the rankings significantly.

Google’s coming algorithm update is just one of the reasons that many companies are making it a top priority to get a responsive website in the coming weeks. “More and more people are searching the web on their mobile devices. Google’s new algorithm is a confirmation of the importance of having a responsive website,” says Colin House, CEO of IntelliBED.

As such, site managers should take steps today to mobilize their websites. And if you aren’t sure where to begin or how to start the mobilization process, use the following tips for help, which will ensure your mobile site receives rave reviews from your clients and competitors alike.

1. Simplify Your Site

A 27-inch monitor may act as the perfect tool to navigate a complex desktop site with a diverse layout. A 5-inch smartphone screen, however, lends itself instead to a simplified structure that can be managed with a thumb or forefinger. Unlike your desktop website, which can be cluttered with links, advertisements, contact fields and more, your mobilized site should be streamlined and filled only with relevant information and additions.

2. Implement Responsive Web Design

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